Teacher Services Agreement

Our Teacher Services Agreement

By using this website you agree to the following Terms and Conditions. 

1. Introduction – Provision of the Service 

Who can use our Services: Our services are made available to all with the capacity to form a binding contract with DW28 LTD, and only in compliance with these Terms and all applicable local, state, national, and international laws, rules and regulations. Any use or access to the Service by anyone under 13 is strictly prohibited and in violation of these Terms. Users who are under 18 must obtain written permission from a parent or legal guardian. Your right to use our Services is personal to you and is not transferable by you to any other person or entity.  DW28 LTD reserves the right to terminate your use of these services if it becomes appropriate to do so.

DW28 LTD (“the Website Owner”) provides solutions for learning a language online where Users, both Students and Teachers can collaborate with each other and enjoy the services (collectively, the “Services”). The Services provided are as follows:

Connection Services. Upon acceptance to the Site, the Website Owner allows the services of Service Providers to be advertised to their prospective customers and clients.  Prospective customers and clients may browse for information on the services that are available via the Website Owner’s selected service providers.  Clients and service providers are able to coordinate transactions via our software. In providing the Connection Services, the Website Owner only provides a venue for clients and Service Providers to find and contract-with each other.

Our networking has us acquainted with teachers of languages who offer their services online.  We will acquaint our customers with teachers in order for requested services to be received, as desired.  In our provision of Connection Services, we forward our customers to qualified teachers that we have found suitable for providing your needs.

Payment Services. The Website Owner provides Payment Services to Users. Students are able to purchase lesson credits, which they can then apply in the booking system in order to schedule lessons with Teachers.  Teachers are able to receive payment for lessons given.  The Website Owner provides the Service of sending lesson earnings to Teachers, typically once per month.  The Website Owner also provides assistance with disputes between clients and service providers.  Payment Services does not mean Connection Services.


Students can choose to purchase lesson credits using Euros, US Dollars or British Pounds*. Credits shall be valid for 12 months from their date of purchase. Lesson credits can be applied in the booking system for the purpose of scheduling lessons. All prices stated exclude any additional charges such as fees, taxes or interest charged by the Student’s bank or credit card company. These charges are the sole responsibility of the Student. The prices stated also do not include any costs associated with connecting to the internet.

2. Information on the Website 

Whilst every effort is made to update the information contained on this website, neither the Website Owner nor any third party or data or content provider make any representations or warranties, whether express, implied in law or residual, as to the sequence, accuracy, completeness or reliability of information, opinions, any share price information, research information, data and/or content contained on the website (including but not limited to any information which may be provided by any third party or data or content providers) (“information”) and shall not be bound in any manner by any information contained on the website. The Website Owner reserves the right at any time to change or discontinue without notice, any aspect or feature of this website and its terms and conditions. No information shall be construed as advice and information is offered for information purposes only and is not intended for trading purposes. You and your company rely on the information contained on this website at your own risk. If you find an error or omission at this site, please let us know. 

3. Trade Marks 

The trade marks, names, logos and service marks (collectively “trade marks”) displayed on this website are registered and unregistered trademarks of the Website Owner. Nothing contained on this website should be construed as granting any licence or right to use any trade mark without the prior written permission of the Website Owner. 

4. External Links 

External links may be provided for your convenience, but they are beyond the control of the Website Owner and no representation is made in relation to their content. Use or reliance on any external links and the content thereon provided is at your own risk. When visiting external links please notice the terms and conditions which correspond with the new website being visited. External links towards our websites require the expressed permission of the Website Owner.  Please contact us if you would like to link to this website or would like to request a link to your website.

5. Email & Personal Information 

All Personal Information provided by you in your pursuit of services that we offer, shall be used for providing those service(s), and for contacting you in the future about other services we would like to offer that may also interest you.

6. Data Collection & GDPR Compliance

6.1  By requesting a service from us and/or creating an account with us, you consent to us gathering certain information about you for processing your order(s).  This may include (but is not exclusively limited to) information such as your full name, your email address, your IP address (this is securely collected by our payment system, so that we can validate your payment information and prevent fraudulent orders), and your purchase history.

6.2  For the purposes of placing your order, we use a secure third party payment provider who will securely handle transaction information (our system of receiving payments is secured to the industry standards by our service provider(s)).

6.3  You may request that we delete the customer information that we have which concerns you at any time, by contacting us. We will carry out your request within 30 calendar days.

7. Warranties 

The Website Owner warrants the truthfulness and the accuracy of the information presented in order to advertise services to the site’s visitors.

8. Limitation of any liability  

The Website Owner shall not be responsible for and disclaims all liability for any loss, liability, damage (whether direct, indirect or consequential), personal injury or expense of any nature whatsoever which may be suffered by you or any third party (including your company), as a result of, or which may be attributable, directly or indirectly, to your access and use of this website.

9. Disclaimer of liability for 3rd Party Applications, Websites & Hardware. 

Partaking in the services offered by this Website may require the use of some 3rd party software & websites including but not limited to Skype, Google Hangouts, Facetime, Zoom or external educational websites as well as the use of 3rd party video camera and microphone devices. This Website and the Website Owners are not responsible for the updating or maintenance of any of the 3rd party systems used. These 3rd Party Applications & Hardware may have their own terms and conditions of use and privacy policies and your use of these 3rd Party Applications & Hardware will be governed by and subject to such terms and conditions and privacy policies. You understand and agree that this Website does not endorse and is not responsible or liable for the behaviour, features, content, or misuse of any Third Party Application. 

10. Teacher Relationship to this Website 

Each Service Provider associated with the services advertised via this website are independent contractors and may also provide services for other businesses. This Website is not legally liable for the actions taken by the independent contractors. If you would like to report any inappropriate action taken by one of the independent contractors on this Website, please contact us at info@davidwest28.co.uk

11. Refunds

Our policy for refunds is as follows: 

(i)  A refund shall not be made available to any purchaser if their request for a refund is not received within seven days of making their purchase.

(ii)  Where classes are bought in multiples, as a course, or as part of a promotion, we offer a discounted, singular and indivisible unit of classes.  It is for this reason that a refund for classes that are bought in multiples, as a course, or as part of a promotion, cannot be refunded after a single class has been taken from the unit.

(iii)  Classes that are bought in singular units shall be individually refundable.

(iv)  Where a Teacher cancels a class a student shall be eligible for a re-booking, a refund, and a Missed Class reward pending whether the cancelled class was purchased singularly or as part of a package.

(v)  Our refunds are issued via Neteller.com.  Please create a free Neteller.com account to enable the receipt of your refund.

(vi)  FREE classes shall have no monetary value.

(vii)  All refunds must be requested via info@davidwest28.co.uk enclosing a proof of purchase.

12.  Cancellations

12.1  Where communication from us or a teacher confirms the reservation of a class, students may reschedule or cancel that class by making a written request via info@davidwest28.co.uk, or via direct communication with the relevant tutor.  A request of these kinds must be received by us or the relevant teacher within 24 hours of the scheduled class in order to be acceptable.

12.2  A student’s request to reschedule or cancel a class that is received by us or a teacher with a minimum of 24 hours before the scheduled class is due to take place, may be accepted; the relevant student(s) can be re-credited with the class, they may be entitled to the class’ rescheduling or a full refund for its cost if it was bought singularly.

12.3  A student’s request to reschedule or cancel a class that is received by us or a teacher with less than 24 hours before the class is scheduled to take place, will not be accepted.  Students are hereby advised to attend such classes, and are hereby notified that our acceptance of a request to cancel such classes will only detach a teacher’s requirement to attend the relevant class(es).

12.4  A teacher’s cancellation of a class or request that a class be rescheduled may result in a student’s full refund for the class, as well as a Missed Class reward from the Website Owner.

12.5  Where a teacher cancels a class, whether for a day, or for a week, the Student shall be e-mailed as soon as the teacher becomes aware of their need to cancel.

13.  Class Attendance Etiquette

Teachers shall wait for a maximum of 15 minutes from the start time of a scheduled class.  If after 15 minutes the Student does not connect to Skype or attend the agreed forum, the Teacher shall cancel the remainder of the class, but the unattended class shall be charged to the student as having been taken.

14.  Class Scheduling 

Classes are scheduled by contacting your teacher directly or if necessary the Class Coordinator at info@davidwest28.co.uk

15.  Group Classes 

When a Group Class is offered or a Group Price is given, that price is given to ONE person even if they decide to have another person join the class. When a group class has been purchased then it is solely the responsibility of the person paying for the class to ensure the other classmate attends the class. No refunds are offered for any group classes purchased under any circumstances. 

16.  Academic Class Hour 

Unless otherwise stated, every class advertised as being of one hour’s duration, shall endure for 60 minutes maximum.

17.  Intellectual Property Rights.

All of the Website Owner’s materials, including website content, articles, images, and audio and video files remain at all time the sole property of DW28 LTD. Such aforementioned materials are protected under international copyright, trademark and other intellectual property laws. You may not post, distribute, sublicense, translate or reproduce in any way any copyrighted materials, trademarks or other proprietary information without the prior express written consent of the Website Owner.

18.  Use of the Language Learning Service(s)

The Website Owner warrants that the learning environment for classes, shall be online, and shall be selected at the discretion of teachers which the Website Owner has selected and found suitable and qualified for serving the best needs of the visitors of this website.

19. Third Party Purchases

If you are arranging for a service that has been made available via this website, on behalf of another person (i.e. a business signing up employees, a school signing up students, a parent signing up a child, etc) you hereby agree that it is your responsibility to inform that person or such people of these terms and conditions.

20.  Entire Agreement 

These website terms and conditions constitute the sole record of the agreement between you and the Website Owner in relation to your use of the website and/or your purchase of a service. Neither you nor the Website Owner shall be bound by any express tacit nor implied representation, warranty, promise or the like not recorded herein. Unless otherwise specifically stated these website terms and conditions supersede and replace all prior commitments, undertakings or representations and terms and conditions, whether written or oral, between you and the Website Owner in respect of your use of the website. The entire terms and conditions may be updated, and it is the responsibility of customers to keep themselves informed of the latest conditions that affect them, their class or homework, and their purchases.

21.  Alterations

The Website Owner may alter the terms, conditions, policies and notices of this agreement at any time. As a person interested in services provided in accordance with these terms and conditions, you acknowledge that by visiting the website from time to time, that you shall become bound to the current version of the relevant terms and conditions (the “current version”) and, unless stated otherwise in the current version, all previous versions shall be superseded by the current version. It is your responsibility to notice the then current version of these terms and conditions if Language Services are your interest when visiting this website.

22.  Waiver. 

No indulgence or extension of time which either you or the Website Owner may grant to the other will constitute a waiver of or, whether by estoppels or otherwise, limit any of the existing or future rights of the grantor in terms hereof, save in the event or to the extent that the grantor has signed a written document expressly waiving or limiting such rights.

 23.  Cession. 

The Website Owner shall be entitled to cede, assign and delegate all or any of its rights and obligations in relation to these terms and conditions, policies and notices – to a third party of their choosing.

24.  Severability. 

All provisions of any relevant terms and conditions, policies and notices are, notwithstanding the manner in which they have been grouped together or linked grammatically, severable from each other. Any provision of any relevant terms and conditions, policies and notices, which are or become unenforceable in a jurisdiction, whether for being void, invalid, illegal, unlawful, or for any reason whatsoever, shall, in that jurisdiction only and only to the extent that it is so unenforceable, be treated as being deleted from the other provisions of this agreement which are enforceable, and the remaining terms, conditions, policies and notices shall remain in full force and effect.

25.  Applicable laws. 

Any relevant terms and conditions, policies and notices shall be governed by, and construed in accordance with, the laws of England of the United Kingdom without giving effect to any principles that conflict with those laws.  You hereby consent to the Website Owner’s selection of a venue for resolving legal matters in connection with the Language Services offered via this website, where any dispute arises which requires litigation in order to be resolved.

26.  Privacy Policy. 

Please refer to the Website Owner’s Privacy Policy for information on our conduct which concerns your privacy.

27.  Comments or Questions. 

If you have any questions, comments or concerns arising from the website or regarding the Language Services that are offered here, our privacy policy, other relevant terms and conditions, policies and notices, or the way in which we handle your personal information, please contact us.

28.  Academic honesty

The Website Owners’s services are provided for the purpose of facilitating learning, not cheating. You shall not purchase services via this website to inquire about, engage in or aid or assist anyone with any form of academic dishonesty (for example, completing assignments or projects, writing papers or essays, taking (or help take) quizzes or examinations on someone’s behalf, or completing work in violation of academic policies or other conduct policies of a school, university, academic institution or workplace.

29.  Confidentiality & Privacy

The Website Owner offers all who engage with our services, confidentiality and privacy, for their communications, purchases, and for their relationship with DW28 LTD.  Under no circumstances (except where requested by the law) shall information concerning your business with DW28 LTD be provided to the public or to third parties.

30.  Contacting us

If you have any questions about these terms and conditions, the practices of this site, or your dealings with this site, please contact us at:

45 The Vineyard
TW10 6AS
United Kingdom


This document was last updated on 19 September 2019

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