The Relationship Ring

Ask around and you will find that while most people may not be ready to get married, they are still willing to remain in a relationship with their partners for a long time, with the possibility of marriage somewhere in the future. For whatever reason, that’s the way it is.

The above gives an indication that there’s a phase of the long-term relationship that people feel is important, but which the world has not recognised. The stage can be noticed as being before a proposal for marriage and the engagement that precedes being married.

The world being what it is today, some people are not satisfied until a couple announces a split, and where a split is announced, for this kind of people, the game rewinds – they will seek another couple and another couple, to prey on, to cause their split. You would think that the grief to be experienced by two people in a love-relationship, following a split, makes these people happy. For whatever reason it is, that’s the way it is, and people in relationships will need to be capable of withstanding the goals of these kinds of people, to have half a chance of keeping their love-relationships functioning.

There are many examples of people that have been at a stage of their relationship that was quite serious to them, only for the vultures to prey on them to wreck what they might otherwise have held on to. There may have been something that these couples could have done to aid the preservation of their relationships, and maybe in future they can try something new.

The engagement-ring and the wedding-ring are signs, and they warn others that may have a keen interest, that the person they are paying attention to, is seriously involved in a relationship with someone else. At a stage within your relationship that you find to be serious, and that you wish for others to take seriously, you could rely on the ring for providing the signs to others.

The ring wouldn’t be an engagement-ring or a wedding-ring, but as it signifies a serious relationship, maybe it can be called a relationship-ring. The ring will provide a sign that respectful others shall have respect for, and it will serve as something to remind you and your partner that you both agree that between you it is serious.

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