Easier Than Brexit

With all the energy that’s going into delivering what the people of the UK have requested, in #Brexit, you might notice how complicated meeting the request is.

There are a few things that may have seemed too complicated to change previously, but in comparison to #Brexit they may appear small now.

There’s a problem with the field of law called ‘dependence’ that delays and prevents law graduates from entering the legal professions of their preference.

#DavidWest28 would like to propose a new system which makes it possible for law graduates to pursue and gain their law profession independently.

The current situation is that to enter a legal career, a law graduate must rely on a qualified lawyer. The problem is that the need to rely on a limited resource means that a demand can never be met, leaving a majority without a way in to their first-choice-career, and, the need to rely on a qualified lawyer gives lawyers and law firms power, where that power is open to abuse.

It appears that a solution would be to switch the ‘must’ to ‘may’ so that law graduates may rely on a qualified lawyer to qualify for their careers, where other options are also available to ensure that they can achieve the same goal 100% independently of other lawyers if they choose to.

A new body for regulating law and offering its qualifications could bring about the changes.

The new body would cause a regulation of all legal professionals, to the standards that have been accepted up to this time.

The new body will offer training and qualifications matching the various legal-profession-disciplines.

Law graduates will approach the new body to purchase the qualifications that they require, and, upon qualifying shall be granted the opportunities to practise.

Qualified professionals will pay a tax to the new body, which is reasonable, and which is based on their earnings from the work that they carry out in the field of law, where that tax shall not exceed another reasonable amount, and where that tax shall count as an annual fee for the new body.

As the new body shall cover every existing legal profession, for regulation and training, other regulatory bodies for legal professionals shall become less needed, and acts for the new body to succeed all existing regulatory bodies for legal professionals should be given motion so that by a given date there shall be one regulator for legal professionals.

Dedicated schools and colleges for pursuing qualifications, across the country, and, incentives to qualified legal professionals to assist training where students and legal professionals are interested in working together.

The system will not upset the existence of the law firm or prevent qualified legal professionals from working together, but it will grant law graduates with more choices so that they can become a qualified legal professional without owing any favours.

How can we get the administration of law in the UK to be faster?  Is it more courts and judges, or more legal professionals?


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