Claiming What’s Yours by Exercise Bike – Part 1

Once upon a time a girl who hadn’t been visited for a very long time, was visited again, and on that visit it was discovered that she had been pregnant and given birth during the time of having not been visited, and it was also noticed that there were no visible signs of this girl having become a mother, as she appeared to have the same size figure as she had always had, and so an explanation for this was requested, perhaps just to validate that she really had given birth to the child in her custody, and then it was explained how her perfect figure was maintained – she pointed the enquirer to equipment within her residence most commonly referred to as an “exercise bike”.  The enquirer immediately realised the secret capabilities of an exercise bike, and has remained amazed ever since.  This writing is in reflection of the enquirer’s amazement and thoughts that the secret capabilities of the exercise bike resolve a number of frequently-made-enquiries, and that for being so useful and required, the secrets are best shared.

In Part 1 the secret capabilities of the exercise bike are covered, and in Part 2 the focus shall be on the practical use of the exercise bike to provide our needs, including effective weight management, a maintenance of health, and pursuing goals in relation to these.

Activity on an exercise bike has the human body reacting in ways that it does when a sports activity is undertaken, though exercise on an exercise bike works on the lower parts of the body, such as legs, thighs, and the butt.  So, exercise bike activity gets to count as being a sport.

Generally, sports activities are able to lower the possibility of acquiring a cardiovascular disease, and those who regularly engage in sports activities are less likely to have a stroke or a heart attack or a closely related disease.

Where sports activities are begun, if a person takes part in the sports 2-3 times per week, for 30-45 minutes per session, the health benefits begin to reveal themselves within just a few weeks.

Sports and physical activities increase muscle activity and muscle performance, so that muscles require less oxygen during exercise and produce less carbon dioxide.  Sports activities, which are a form of exercise, can also help to improve a person’s respiratory capacity, since how to manage breathing frequencies and intensities, are learnt.

A person with chronic lung cancer, asthma, or COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease), can rely on sports activities to improve their health, but all such people should consult their doctor first, for advice, before engaging in physical activities.

Exercise on an exercise bike is perfect for toning legs, thighs, the butt, arms, abdominal and back muscles, especially when the resistance of the exercise bike is increased.  A low resistance suits a warm-up and to improve endurance, but not gaining muscle.

The glutes, hamstrings, and quadriceps, are examples of muscles that work constantly while performance on an exercise bike endures.  Arm muscles are worked, but to a lesser extent than the lower part of the body: biceps and triceps work more as handlebars are gripped during intense efforts.

Where an exercise bike rider stands, lifting themselves from off of the bike’s saddle, with a high pedalling resistance, the muscles of the arms and lower back work more than their thighs (quadriceps) and the butt.

While increases in muscle within the lower body follow effective use of an exercise bike, your thighs or legs will never double in volume, even if exercise is performed regularly.  The exercise bike is a cardio-sports instrument and is not a body-building instrument.  The exercise bike will assist the burning of calories to support the management of your weight; the higher the intensity of your exercises, the more calories that shall be burned, but know, the higher the intensity of your cycling, the more difficult it will be to continue endlessly.

As well as assisting our burning of more calories, increasing muscle in our lower body, strengthening our cardiovascular systems, decreasing our suffering from some diseases, and improving our health generally, the exercise bike is also capable of the following:


Provides Resistance From Type 2 Diabetes

Endurance sports like cycling and exercise-bike biking, are activities which are able to reduce the risks of type 2 diabetes.  During exercise our muscles use glucose (a kind of sugar), as a result, our blood-sugar levels decrease.  Diabetes is explained by an excess amount of sugar in the blood, so, the biking activities that activate muscles to lower glucose in the blood, assists diabetics.  The ability of sports and physical activities to lower blood-sugar levels has been confirmed by numerous scientists.

Physical activity reduces our needs for insulin.  Insulin is a hormone that is produced and discharged by the body to regulate blood-sugar levels, especially for lowering blood-glucose levels after meals.  In diabetics, insulin does not play its role perfectly, resulting in excess sugar in the blood.  Regular effective exercise causes our bodies to require less insulin, meaning, the amount of insulin required to decrease our blood-glucose levels is decreased.


Happy Hormone Releases

Exercise bike activities cause the body to release hormones, especially endorphins and serotonin, which brings us into a state of wellbeing.  These hormones, known as happy-hormones, regulate mood, stress and anxiety; they explain the anti-stress and anti-depressant effects of sport, as well as the feelings of happiness that exercise induces.

To receive your shot of endorphins so that you can experience the feeling of euphoria, also known as “runner’s high”, you need to be cycling for at least one to two hours!


Low Impact: Gentle on Joints

Exercise by exercise bike is soft + smooth as a sport and is often recommended for rehabilitation, especially after a knee or an ankle sprain, because we receive the exercise without shocking.  Always check a doctor’s advice first if exercise is recommended by a non-medical person.

Exercise by exercise bike gets the heart pumping without undue stress on joints, which is especially good for people who are over 50 pounds overweight, for reducing mechanical stress on the back, hips, and ankles – even in comparison to walking.


Lowers Cholesterol

An excess of cholesterol within our bodies is able to increase the risks of our development of cardiovascular diseases, but sports are able to lower that excess and thereby reduce the risks.  Biking exercises are an example of sporting activities that can provide the workout necessary for lowering cholesterol.


Active Against Degenerative Diseases

Doctors have often advised sports as being the best prevention against age-related diseases, and biking is a gentle sport that can be practiced from home for a lifetime, or almost that long.

It becomes very important to remain active, to continue exercise, and to part-take in sports regularly once we reach the age of 65.  Science has frequently shown that physical activity, if practiced regularly, can reduce the-risks-of and delay, the symptoms of degenerative diseases (like Alzheimer’s and Parkinsons).  This is explainable by exercise’s stimulation of areas of the brain that assist the delays and the reduction of risks.

Studies show that part-taking in sports activities can be beneficial within just a few weeks, so it is never too late to start.


Life Expectancy Improvement

Regular biking on an exercise bike is able to increase your life expectancy!  Many scientific studies have shown that regular sport is able to reduce the risks of acquiring numerous diseases, delay their appearance, alleviate some symptoms, preserve the effectiveness of the immune system in elderly people, and thereby increase life expectancy.


Lowers Blood Pressure

Regular effective exercise assists a decrease in our blood pressure, and exercise-bike riding is also a way of receiving the necessary effective exercise.

As a muscle, the heart requires regular training to stay in shape.  A lower heart-rate is a product of a well-trained heart – it beats less frequently, so it is less stressed. Blood pressure which assists blood circulation within our arteries, is lower too when our hearts are more muscular, because it can eject larger volumes of blood at each contraction.


Provides Control + Confidence (weight, figure, health, self-esteem)

With access to benefits that include an improved health, an improved figure, an improved life expectancy, combat against numerous diseases, and effective weight management, all because of effective use of the exercise bike, it is worth enquiring with a person who comes to realise these things for first time, what else they have gained when they claim these benefits.  Is it not control of your fears and worries about your health?  Is it not a sense of self-confidence and an updated self-esteem?  If so, the secret capabilities of the exercise bike assist us mentally as well as physically.


Assists Anti-Smoking Goals

The endorphins that are produced after endured exercise sessions on an exercise bike, are able to alleviate the symptoms of nicotine addiction, and thus are assistance to smokers interested in quitting from smoking.


Improved Joint Mobility

Exercise on an exercise bike involves a variety of body-part movements, and these movements, are able to offer strength to joints, including knees, ankles, and hip-joints.  As the rotational movement called ‘paddling’ occurs, joints rotate to improve their range of motion and to be strengthened.


Choosing Your Exercise Bike

An exercise bike is quite a special asset and is worth investing in if the benefits above interest you.  An exercise bike is also able to make a very special gift.

Before investing in an exercise bike or before buying one for someone else, look into the following:

The comfort of the bike’s seating

The maximum weight capacity of the bike’s design (bear in mind the weights of all potential users of the item)

The need of an attached back rest (do any of the bike’s potential users have back issues?)

The existence of options for varying the bike’s resistance to being rode

The existence of features for observing speed, heart rate, distance, calories burnt and similar data

The bike’s firmness and ability to withstand rough use

Reviews concerning the bike’s safety

Guarantees and warranties concerning the bike


Why Claim What’s Yours by Exercise-Bike?

There are a world of ways to enjoy sport and physical activities and to benefit from many of the benefits also provided by the exercise bike, so why exercise by exercise bike?

Well, including the advantages and benefits listed above:

Convenience – in your home to use for 30 minutes at any time, while you watch TV, or listen to music, or numerous other things

Privacy (for comfort) – with an exercise bike in your home, no one else need know about your efforts, and they can be nicely surprised as your efforts pay off

Time-saving – you could go to the gym to work out, but that will take you some time

Lifestyle – pending how busy you are 30 minute workouts may be ideal for you

Traffic – on an exercise-bike there’s no traffic, nor is there any risk of traffic accidents, or air pollution from traffic

A great exercise for new exercisers – you need something enjoyable and that is easy to do, especially if you have joint problems and walking and running are more difficult for you

Climate friendly – whatever the weather or temperature outside, the exercise-bike will not prevent you from exercising – therefore get your cardio with zero interference

Improved-figure-beauty – for those interested in modelling and being noticed, repeated cycling exercises the legs (thighs, calves, knees, including the butt), sculpting them into desirable shape(s)


The above was also written with racer exercise-bikes in mind.

Who will you share the above with?  Are there two people that you can think of?  Click here for Part 2

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