How To Change Your Behaviour

By #DavidWest28 on 11 January 2018

Ever had a need to change your mindset?

Ever had a New Years resolution?

There are some times when we review our lives and want to make some changes.  For many of us the desire for change occurs during December each year.

The thing to be changed is often something that we have been doing consistently throughout a year, so it is arguably a habit of ours.  The challenge we face within ourselves when we seek to change a thing about ourselves that is a habit, or which is rooted in our habits, is to change our mindset first.  If we can change our mindset then we can arrest new thinking, and if we can gain new thinking then we can change our habits to change the very thing that we believe could be done better.

 The mindset that we have is a product of habitual thinking and prolonged thoughts.  For example, what have you been thinking about today and for how long have you been thinking about that?  #DavidWest28 has been thinking about the variety of business opportunities available for all and the different ways in which some successful businesses could improve for increased success.  We have had ideas of being useful in business for some time now, so today’s thoughts, in our case, are rooted somewhere in the past at the point where we began moving in the direction we walk in now.

 Consider also a way of doing things that you have accepted; for how long have you accepted that way of doing things as being the best way?  Truthfully, we stick to doing things in a certain way because we have learnt that way and because we have accepted that way as being a good-enough way of doing those things.  It is the time when we realise that there is a better way of doing something, but that are prevented from adopting that new way, because we are stuck in a habit of doing things in particular ways, that the desire for change is created within us.

 To stay fit and healthy, to spend less money and to save more, to drink less alcohol, to eat a healthier diet, to quit smoking, to become stress free, to learn a new language, to read more, to be more outgoing, and, to stop lying, are all examples of New Year resolutions, all of which orbit a realisation that something could be done in a better way.

 Each of the resolutions above are achievable; as intelligent beings we can stop any behaviour of ours to begin a new behaviour; if the effort required to stop doing a thing is diligently exerted, then the desire for change results as an outcome.

 In the quest for changing a behaviour is a sub-quest to stop an occurring behaviour.  If the root to the behaviour to be stopped is thinking and thoughts that have been held for a long time, then a re-education is required, and a re-education amounts to being the stopping of those thoughts which prompt the unwanted behaviour.  This re-education reprograms the mindset of the individual to make way for the new behaviour which should replace the unwanted behaviour.

 Another way of seeing what re-education does when a change of behaviour is being sought, is that it is a stop of listening – it is the stop of listening to thoughts and thinking and mental communication which prompts the occurrence of the unwanted behaviour.  Re-education also acts as the changing of an individual’s thinking.

 So, the ways and patterns in which we think are basically learned by us, and they can be replaced and forgotten, when this happens we are able to change our behaviour.

 Books, films, music, and verbal communications, are examples of how our minds receive input for processing and forming thoughts, some of which remain with us for a very long time, some of which base our habits and behaviours.  If at any time any one of us requires a change of thinking, we can begin by considering our mind’s various inputs and the most influential of those for us, to potentially identify the sources of inputs that produce our unwanted behaviour.  If it becomes possible to identify that source or those sources, then to change we must stop listening/receiving/accepting those sources and replace them with a source or sources which we can rely on to prompt better or improved or more desirable behaviours from us.

 #DavidWest28 can be consulted for advice on how you can bring changes into your life.  Please enquire for further information.

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