Change begins as an Idea that is Shared

Oh the nerve of being told about my untied shoelaces!  Can you believe that?  But why my wife and children couldn’t communicate this to me instead?  Better still, why they couldn’t help me tie them?#analogy


Change begins as an idea that is shared, discussed, and understood, but there are examples of people who have been killed for sharing their ideas.

There’s a famous story about a man who was crucified for sharing his ideas.

An idea for discussion during January of any year, could mean that by the following January a solution has been found, and that five years after being introduced as an idea, that a problem is being resolved if it hasn’t been already.

So where there’s a real problem, where do you stand in the situation for resolving it?

There are some people, and you might be surprised who, that do not want the good changes.

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