Instructing a Lawyer

The process of instructing a lawyer usually follows a person’s request for legal advice about a situation that is very important to them. So that usually, the lawyer is approached by a person that has a problem and this gives that lawyer an exclusive ground, to decide the advice that they wish to give – whether they shall give any advice at all, whether to give some advice, and whether to give the entirety of advice.

A thing that most people remain unaware of but which a few people shall remain aware of, is that lawyers are running businesses and form parts of a business, and have interests in being paid, and all of this is true despite the obligations that lawyers have to treat their clients fairly and work in the best interests of their clients, where violations of these ethics and a few others can lead to a lawyer being penalised.

So, instructions to a lawyer will usually follow your request for advice, if you like the advice that you receive.

It is often smart to ask another lawyer for advice – to check that your lawyer is doing what they are supposed to be doing, and to check that they are working in your best interests.  You see, if a lawyer is not treating you properly, it is often by an outside eye that you could become aware of this – it is perfectly possible to receive perfect advice at your first request of a lawyer, but it is also perfectly possible to be mistreated by your lawyer and to remain entirely unaware of it.

Naturally, as ordinary people, regardless of what happens, we will want to act in our own best interests, correct?  If ‘yes’ then there’s a way of instructing a lawyer that may interest you.

Becoming a solicitor involves a very selective process, for example, it could be one person out of 500 with a law degree who is actually selected to become a solicitor.  This process of selection opens the industry of solicitors to politics, personal favours, and corruption, where solicitors may be less able to act independently, but the best position for a lawyer to be in is one where they can act independently.  It is quite possible that the industry of solicitors quietly suffers from a #MeToo movement that shall never be exposed, and the industry’s vulnerability to this possibility is one that may affect you as the approaching customer.

There is an understandable solution and a way of giving instructions to a lawyer, that can not-only save you money, but keep you secure from the politics and other vulnerabilities that the industry of solicitors and maybe all lawyers are susceptible to.

The solution involves receiving advice where there is a minimised risk of corruption, and then in reliance on that advice, instructing a lawyer to act on the strict basis of that advice, they verifying that your legal position is what you have been advised.

Reducing the costs of lawyer fees is also possible with an understanding of the various work carried out by a lawyer, for an understanding of what you need from a lawyer and what you can gain from elsewhere at a reduced cost.

In receipt of all the work that you need from lawyers, you may be able to stand up in court to represent yourself.  If you can complete a representation of yourself in court, just once, successfully, then your confidence to do the same in future shall be increased – you could understand that it isn’t too difficult once you understand what the court is interested in hearing – the law.

The barrister kind of lawyer is likely to be your favourite kind of lawyer, because they play to win.  And the reason why they play to win is because they are self-employed and rely on their personal reputations for attracting repeat business.  You might learn 10 things from a solicitor, but you will learn 100 things from a barrister.

So if you were thinking of finding a solicitor to resolve your legal problems, then maybe finding a barrister is the thing you should try instead.

To further understand the methods that can reduce your court costs, prevent you from the potential corruption within the industry of lawyers, including the possibility of increasing your confidence as a representative of yourself in court, please contact us.

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