Our Quality Management Statement

Our Quality Management Statement

We, DW28 LTD, declare the following:

Accuracy – We consider products and services that may interest our range of visitors and we conduct research for good information concerning these so that when we publish content it is accurate and reflective of the truth to the benefit of all its readers.

Compliance – We will comply with the law and all regulations to remain perfectly legitimate.

Customer Needs – We aim to understand the needs and interests of our customers, to meet them, to surpass them and to be known for providing excellent customer service.  We will not work to offer customers items which they do not need, that are of low quality or which are not in the best interests of the customer to buy.  We hope that our customers appreciate our conduct and ethics to have positive interests in the growth of our organisation now and in the future.

Diversity – Our networking is based on an outlook of the business that could be possible if we worked together perfectly, but we shall also consider other qualities and characteristics of organisations and individuals for additional views without unlawfully discriminating or breaching the laws which promote and uphold equality.

Environment – We have a keen interest in green energy and increasing its availability nationally and internationally, we are particularly interested in promoting commercial items which contribute to cleaner air and its creation, we are also happy to comply with the relevant laws and regulations for the protection of the environment.

Health and Safety – Health and Safety is important within every industry and our company will not fall below any standard which risks the health and safety of others, nor shall we encourage others to.

Privacy – We realise the importance of privacy and confidentiality and we offer these within all our business relationships; we will not violate our promises of privacy and confidentiality, nor will we encourage others to do so.

Service and Experience – We realise the importance of the customer’s journey and we will work to make it the best journey possible when the ride is with us.

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