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Do you qualify for Neteller’s services?


Are you frequently within business on the internet and need to make payments?


Are you frequently within business on the internet and need to receive payments?


Are you interested in being able to spend your earnings from online sales without any costs?


Are you interested in being able to recover cash from your online earnings with a minimum of costs?


Are you interested in being able to spend money that you have earned online all around the world, and on the internet?


Are you interested in instantly transferring money to people in other parts of the world?


Are you interested in making payments securely when you transact online?


Are you interested in a solution for your customers, so that they can pay your company, securely and with a peace of mind?


Are you interested in consumer-protected transactions in case of fraud or similar problems?


Are you interested in fast, secure, and simple options for withdrawals?


Are you interested in working with #DavidWest28 or receiving payments from us?


Neteller is able to provide solutions to each of the interests above, and opening a Neteller account is free of charge.  Join Neteller today and begin enjoying a great service that shall give you new reasons to smile. 




A Simple Solution


Neteller offers a system for making and receiving online payments that is simple to use and which has relatively low costs for converting the money in your account back into physical pounds or euros, whether for payment to a merchant or transferring money to a regular individual.  So after working hard to generate business and to make sales, Neteller helps with receiving payments and maximises the amounts of money that merchants can keep within their businesses, despite ensuring the protection of consumers from fraud and similar issues.



Neteller is an FCA Authorised Organisation


The UK’s Financial Conduct Authority is a regulatory body that manages the conduct of financial organisations, including banks, building societies, credit-granting companies, and insurance brokers, for ensuring fairness to the end users, the consumer.  The FCA’s management ensures honesty and fairness by organisations for UK consumers, and contributes to the interest of investors to invest in the UK, by trust — which helps the UK’s economy to grow.



Convenience For Online Merchants


As a merchant, being able to spend the money you have earned without needing to convert that money into cash, is a great convenience, and this is made possible by Neteller’s Net+ card.  Neteller’s Net+ card is also available to regular consumers, and use of the card ensures that bank details and personal information are never confirmed.  Users of Neteller’s Net+ card are also rewarded with loyalty points that can be redeemed for prizes or for cash.



No Fees


Neteller’s Net+ card has no monthly or annual fees, fees are charged pending the methods used to add money to its pre-paid facility, and in some cases to remove convert that money back into physical cash.  A lack of fees makes Neteller’s Net+ card one of the least costly cards to hold, if not the very least costly.  There’s much to be gained from use of the card, but at a minimum of costs to users.



State-of-the-Art Security


Neteller’s Net+ card also features chip+PIN technology, for ensuring that only an account’s holder can gain access to its money entitlements.





Neteller’s Net+ card is a MasterCard product.  Apply for yours here, there is no charge for your first Net+ card.  More on Neteller.

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