GiffGaff brand

Do you qualify for GiffGaff’s services?

Will you be based in the UK?

Will you be visiting the UK from abroad?

Are you interested in a mobile phone line, or a data package for internet surfing, without a long-term contract?

Are you interested in phonecalls and data use without ever being billed for them?

Are you interested in amazing call rates to countries international of the UK?

Are you interested in having unlimited UK national calls for 30 days at a time?

Are you interested in joining a community of members who can call each other free of charge?

How many times have you said ‘yes’ so far?

Are you interested in joining a mobile network awarded for being Network of the Year 2017?

Are you interested in being rewarded for joining a mobile phone network, and for recruiting others to join as well?

GiffGaff offers a pre-paid mobile phone and data service, at competitive prices, and in the UK you might find it impossible to find better offers for the same services.  So, if you said ‘yes’ to most of the questions above then GiffGaff is for you.

If you are travelling to the UK, especially in a group, GiffGaff could be perfect for communication between you all, since calls + texts between the GiffGaff network are without charge, plus you might find it costs less to call home using GiffGaff’s international rates, than it would be relying on your own network’s roaming charges.

You can join GiffGaff by ordering a SIM card to your address via their website – use a hotel address if you are coming to the UK for a holiday.  If you click here to order your SIM card from GiffGaff, you will receive a gift of £5 credit when you activate the SIM, courtesy of GiffGaff and #DavidWest28.  Order as many SIMs as you need.



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