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Voice Recognition Technology

The world has been changing to become more secure for the way that we do things today and the ways that we are likely to be doing things in the future. Voice Recognition Technology is now integrated…

How to undo a WordPress update

So the situation was that WordPress presented their latest update for their users and it was chosen so that the site’s admin could have the latest features, but unfortunately, after the upgrade the site’s appearance was a…

The Limitations of Face Coverings Explained

In the return from lockdown to regular life following the emergence of the COVID19 virus, face coverings have played a vital role around the world. It is highly likely that face coverings will continue to be required from the public with a view that face coverings are the total solution to COVID19. In this writing the science on how COVID19 is transmitted is explained along with information about the kinds of face covering that have been used up to this time, closing with an update on the face covering requirements for the inhabitants of England and Wales….

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