C77 Group Calls for Video Production Skills

This is a communication from the C77 Group 

Demands for video production skills have come to our attention and we would like to offer opportunities to professionals with video production skills to solve these demands in future. If you have video production skills or skills that can aid or enhance presentations made by video, then this communication is aimed at you.

As part of a co-operation we will provide you with the business and administration aspects of a video production organisation, promoting skills and services connected with the production of video, and selling them for you.  This will make up 50% of an organisation’s co-operation.  The other 50% will come from you in providing the skills which directly resolve the customer’s video production needs.  Together we could score many business goals.

At this time we would like to form a small network of professionals with video production skills, and we would like to consider including you within that network if:

You have a portfolio presenting your skills and potential 

You can prove that work in your portfolio is yours 

You can offer effective communication on a regular basis 

You can work well as part of a team 

Your rates are reasonable and competitive 

Where relevant, you are willing to travel to provide your services 

You will offer your skill/services on behalf of the C77 Group 

A co-operation between us will mean that you will be contacted about projects that you could handle or partially complete, and in this way it is our hope that you shall exercise your range of skills to earn your regular rates of pay plus bonuses (pending other factors).

Please rely on the DW28 contact form to reach us. 

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