Network With David West

A thing Edie Weiner has explained through her teachings is “an improvement is always the acceptance of something new”. It means that if a person continues to do as they have always done, that they will get what they have always got. And so, to improve the brightness of one’s future (to gain more from life), one needs to accept new ideas and methods for implementing those ideas first.

DavidWest28 understands and accepts what Edie Weiner carefully explained, and as an organisation we will consider networking with experienced, qualified, and skilled professionals, who are interested in improvement, who value teamwork, and who understand the importance of a commitment to goals.

DavidWest28’s aims for networking are suitable to especially-skilled-others interested in:

Working w/o a Boss

Privacy & Confidentiality (in business)

Finding Use for Extra Skills

Increasing their Annual Income

Professional Business Relationship Cultivation

International Teamwork

Business-first Pleasure-second #BusinessB4Pleasure

Creating Special Opportunities To Earn

Freelance Opportunities

Networking for New Business

“The time to prepare and organise for a brighter and improved future, for you, or for your team, or for your organisation, is now.”

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