You know how it goes, just because a whole chicken has been roasted, it doesn’t mean that the entire chicken shall be eaten. There are certain parts that you like, and you eat those, and you delight as you eat those. The parts that you dislike, you leave those on the dish.

In this writing I’ll go through things I have noticed about the presidential administration of the current President of the United States, President Trump. There are some things that he’s got right, which I think future administrations and international governments and individuals reaching for similar offices can pay attention to in order to create an important improvement. That improvement would be the relationship that ordinary people have with their respective governments.

What I have seen in the presidential office of President Trump is a concern for the views of ordinary Americans, to the extent where the listening and the understanding that follows, and the mere possibility of being heard and understood, has brought the presidential office of the United States closer to the people of America than it has ever been.

The usual situation of a presidential office is that laws are made and people simply comply with the law, but in that situation the perspective of those individuals who need to work with those laws and policies, is not taken into account, often with economic consequence.

I remember listening to Donald Trump when he was campaigning to become the US President, for the first time, and he was saying that some have voted for the Democrat party so often, with the hope of receiving resolutions to matters of concern, only to be let down, again and again, each and every time, that what they have been saying really is “See you next election when we need your vote again.” And he used this to explain that by voting for him, the same voters really had nothing to lose, so may as well give him a try.

The point that Donald Trump was drawing on is that people are voting for individuals who are not listening or who are not understanding, but who are very good at speaking and convincing others that they do understand and that they will effect changes in favour of improvements.

It’s worth noting that where Donald Trump highlighted the failures of previous presidential administrations, that it has been an invitation for those people who had been failed, to be heard by his office. It was a separate point and message, and it amounted to an invitation. In other words, if you had been forgotten in the past, now is a time that you can be heard, so let’s talk. It is communication from a leader who has an interest in making improvements. It was communication from a leader who was interested in helping all who have been forgotten within the American society.

An ear for communities is one example of why President Trump’s office has been special, looking at recent presidential administrations.

So for some reason, Donald Trump was interested in helping his country to be improved. For some reason Donald Trump felt that his country could be better, and for some reason Donald Trump felt that he could do a better job of President of the United States than the president before him as well as numerous other presidents that had been in the White House during his lifetime. Quite frankly, I think he proved each of these points to show that he was right to be thinking and feeling as he did, but where does a man receive thoughts and views such as these, which are so different to the average American citizen and human being?

Donald Trump took on a political role when he became President Trump, but he was never a politician before. Before becoming the President, Donald Trump had been, has been, a highly successful businessman who was noticing how the policies of the US government were affecting his ability to do business and affecting others to do business, and it seemed to grieve him (the things that he understood) so much that he became a harsh critic of US policies and those individuals who created them.

So the man who became President Trump was really an ordinary member of America’s society. Ordinary in the sense of not being a politician or holding the views and values and etiquette of the average politician, and actually looking down in criticism on the way that politicians handle their political business and exercise their public powers. This could be the key to understanding why President Trump doesn’t look to politicians and has never tried to be like the regular politicians. It may also explain why President Trump has been more focused on the people of America and doing things that are right by them instead of what suits other politicians – he realising that the problems that he was able to see were exclusive to him in his position as a business person, but that other people may also have been similarly let down in areas outside of his own worlds.

If you have heard about the classes that are used to describe and separate a society, then you may have heard about the ruling class, the middle class, the working class, the upper class and others if there are more. It occurs to me that the regular politician and the ordinary citizen who is unheard or ignored, are from different classes, and that in this situation there is a lack of understanding between regular politicians and ordinary people, as well as an appreciation of privilege that may be interesting to defend. As well as this lack of understanding it seems to have been proved that there is also a lack of respect. These are factors that can explain why members of a society can feel forgotten or unheard and ignored. So if some have been voting for a party or parties, and it turns out that their problems are never addressed or resolved, maybe it’s because regular politicians sneer at you and look down at you, relishing the privilege that they have.

Looking around the world today, there are many governments ruling nations with little to no connection with the majority of their country’s citizens. This means that there are many unhappy people in numerous societies, because they have little to no way of having their problems resolved. This is to suggest that there are governments that don’t understand their people and do not really have an interest in understanding their people in order to resolve problems and improve lives. Again, the difference in class exists.

President Trump came from the position of an ordinary member of the USA’s society, with his own complaints about US policies, and as President he kept hold of the views he held as an ordinary individual, and then from there he approached creating the changes to his country. What I am able to notice is that although Donald Trump was a ordinary member of the society, he was not a poor member of the society, it is said that he is actually a billionaire. This means that for President Trump to have engaged with the smallest people in the USA’s society, to hear their problems and work on changes, that he has actually humbled himself – which does not seem to be what regular politicians do since they ignore and overlook people in need of their aid and support.

So the administration of President Trump keeps respect with the ordinary citizens of the USA’s society. The respect between President Trump’s office and the regular citizen has been eye-to-eye, so that listening and understanding can occur, so that problems are resolved and have been far more likely to be resolved.

President Trump has also given examples of how to encourage companies to open up new branches of their businesses within your country, to create jobs and to boost your country’s economy, but this writing is focused on how a successful billionaire business person comes into a position of political power to help others who are far less fortunate than himself – he not forgetting about them.

Improving Business

In a way that has brought the office of President of the United States closer to the people of America (as explained above), President Trump’s administration has looked at laws and policies which affect business owners, to gain their perspective on what they have been told to deal with. In doing this President Trump has been able to understand complaints wholly, and address them. The result has been the improvement of business processes, which has improved the rates of productivity, which has assisted the US economy.

What has happened with other presidential administrations is that they have created policies and laws which affect others, without respect for those people who need to deal with their creations. The reason why there are so many complaints about previous policies is because those policies create problems for so many other people.

So, an ordinary person goes into the presidential office and sees things from the view of the ordinary person, and then changes things so that it is better for ordinary people. This again explains how the administration of President Trump is closer to the people of America than previous administrations, and it serves as a lesson for future administrations of the United States, as well as for government institutions that are international to the United States.

Two Questions For The Electorate

At every election someone is asking you to vote for them, but what’s the most important thing to you in terms of having someone in a high office where they can do things that affect your life and your world? How highly does being heard and understood rank with you?

An Ordinary Person

Donald Trump might be a rare kind of person, because to enter into a presidential office and have access to so many opportunities and new friends and powers, there are some who would change despite being ordinary at the start. If you pay attention you can see that the same song that Donald Trump was singing about changes to policies (before he began campaigning), is the same song that was singing when he was campaigning, and it is the same song that he has been singing as the President. That is the kind of person that you should want to appoint as your president – but it might not always turn out like that.

My point is that an ordinary person might be like Donald Trump, but there are obviously some values and characteristics that Donald Trump holds to in order to be the person that we see.

The Open Door Approach

To understand the above would be to realise that the presidential office of President Trump has had an open door inviting communities to present matters which concern them, so that you can be listened to and understood, and so that a real look at how things could be changed can take place. The invitation has been available to every kind of community and there has been a willingness to look into concerns of business as well as concerns that are not business. Wouldn’t it be a good thing for all nations to have governments that offer an open door like President Trump’s administration?

Why do people protest? Is it because there is a closed door and because good communication between people and their government is unable to take place?

He Proved It

Whilst campaigning Donald Trump said many things and made some amazing criticisms. From the perspective of the electorate, you come to hear all sorts of things from people who want to be elected, so if you’re like me then a lot enters one ear and then quickly exits the other.

Donald Trump was suggesting that previous presidential administrations had done a poor job on numerous separate occasions, but he was saying this from outside of the office, having no experience of the presidential office to know about the obstacles that may have prevented previous presidents from doing “better”. It seems like a gamble, but by his own presidency he has proved that he was right. He was certain that things were wrong with how previous presidents were running the country, and he was right, and he proved so by doing better himself.

By better, firstly I refer to a superior promise/delivery ratio. Whilst campaigning there are always promises made and the people have expectations on the basis of these. President Trump’s administration has delivered on more promises to the American people and has failed to deliver on less, on average, than previous presidential administrations. It is so unusual for a political person to deliver what they have promised that people (including myself) barely believe politicians these days. As well as a superior promise/delivery ratio, President Trump’s administration has also delivered promises faster than previous administrations, to the extent where his office has exposed the slowness and delaying and hesitance of other presidential administrations. There are things that people have waited for, thinking that they take months to deliver, whereas the delivery of those things could have been much faster and it was possible for more to have been done during eight years.

So, credit is due to the administration of President Trump, for delivering on promises, delivering on promises quickly, and for accomplishing so many constructive changes for the benefit of the American people within just four years so that President Trump’s four years is able to compare to the eight years of previous presidential administrations.


Looking at the policies enacted by President Trump’s administration and the beneficiaries of these, I have not seen or heard of any limitation or withholding of the benefits for America’s ethnic minority groups, meaning, the prosperity that President Trump envisioned for America, from his ideas, which he designed and delivered, has truly been for all of America’s people. The creation of good jobs would help to keep more Americans focused on constructive things for the benefit of America’s economy – so simple.

President Trump has not extended imperialism or imperialistic policies, nor has he offered any mediocrity to America’s people. This is an important point because people are encouraged to work hard when they see that it benefits them to work hard. This is different and opposing to a system where individuals from lower classes of a society need to request favours from members of a higher class in order to elevate themselves.

In western societies where imperialism is being imposed, it seems like the opportunities are equally reachable for all members that show an interest, but by some way of the policy, the result is that the opportunity is available to far less people than who have shown an interest – and sometimes a lack of transparency makes this difficult to prove. Localised imperialism is like saying that money is allowed to go to places X, Y and Z, but not to places A, B and C, despite the eligibility of the latter.

Mediocrity comes from a fear that if the nation’s citizens become prosperous enough, they will fly away to live elsewhere. So in order to prevent that from happening, citizens or certain citizens are offered just enough prosperity to survive with. It is negative thinking, because why not make the country so good that people don’t want to fly away? Mediocrity could also be described as an economic persecution.

Design Your Own

Looking after the people who make up a country has to be somewhere within the long list of things that concerns a government (because the everyday happiness of the people should matter). There’s a way where the interests of other countries and situations that are external to a country come before the interests of a government’s people. As a governor or as someone involved in a political leadership, you can have a part in designing the kind of relationship that the public will have with your office. Generally, when people can be heard and understood by leaders that can change things to make improvements (and the improvements arrive), it is likely that those people will be happy with their government.

The above has been about the presidential administration of Donald Trump; a few of the good things I have noticed which I think can be recycled in order to add the good features of President Trump’s administration to future presidential administrations and to other governmental offices for a constructive effect across the world.

There is a leadership that hides behind war. By this I mean the importance of the people is ignored, and instead the government makes itself look good by pursuing a war and spending resources on a war. Isn’t it amazing how busy President Trump has been for the people of America? It’s been possible to forget about America’s love of war noticing President Trump’s focus on improving America’s economy and making the American people happier.

Why is everything made in _____________, and why is nothing made in __________________? Maybe within a leadership role for a government you could make a difference to that.

If fears about war prevent governments from focusing on their people, then maybe a time will come when there will be enough peace and more peaceful thinking, to enable the transition of focus. There will always be international issues and international trading and international cooperation, but it has been proved by President Trump that a focus on the people creates a country’s economic success. It’s amazing that he came to prove that without going into war, that he could maintain and increase America’s economic position in the world. It’s a lesson for a new kind of leader.

Natural Progression

Things are supposed to get better, because “previous” is meant to be learnt from and the future can be expected to present new things, including new ways of doing things. This means that former US presidents should not take it to heart that President Trump has found new ways of doing the job and has improved on your records. In fact, on the same principle, it should be possible for future administrations to improve on President Trump’s record, if we are counting numbers. It’s just natural progression.

Most Inspiring

I think President Trump turns out to be the most inspiring president of the US in recent times, and this would be because he was an ordinary person who succeeded against professionals in their own field. I was watching his campaigning and the responses and the numbers, to be able to see him coming, but I just didn’t believe that an ordinary person would succeed against Hilary Clinton. I was wrong. Having succeeded, to enter the White House and lead the United States, and then to fulfil his goals to aid and boost America’s economy, leaving a world of examples either to follow or to learn from, Donald Trump is the man that politicians and ordinary people from every democratic country in the world can look to, to improve the relationships with the people of their country, or for the inspiration to challenge politicians in order to change the way that their country is being run. It will depend on what your goals are. It’s been since President Trump’s presidency that the whole world has begun understanding the economic races between the nations, it’s always been there, but a lot less apparent before. This era, the President Trump era, is one that I will always remember if I need to think of economics or remind someone else about economics, but particularly President Trump’s approach.

Healthy Living + Hard Work

I won’t close this writing before mentioning something a bit different, and that’s Donald Trump’s age and his health.

When you imagine someone in their 70s, what do you think of and how do you envision them? Aren’t they slow-moving and slow-talking and in need of a walking stick? Aren’t they mostly quiet?

How do you imagine yourself to be at the age of 77 for example?

I have thought it for a long time now; ever since noticing Donald Trump’s campaigning efforts (before he entered the White House), that for someone who is in their 70s, his mental and physical functioning is extremely good. I was thinking that “this” is not what 70 year old people do, when thinking about all his campaigning and the travelling he did, all across America.

What do you think, isn’t that amazing to you? I suppose it depends where you are from in the world. Maybe in some parts of the world it’s an everyday thing.

So I’m certain that Donald Trump must have been living right, like eating the right foods, exercising, taking vitamins; some of number of steps to aid his physical and mental strength ahead of this time. It would explain what I see and have found amazing.

I think that we’d all like to be as strong as Donald Trump is now when we are 77 years old, but in the same way that Donald Trump must have taken some steps to guard his health, we also need to be mindful of how we are living along the way to becoming older too.

In Closing

As President of the United States, Donald Trump and his presidential administration have offered hope and prosperity to all of America’s population, and in doing so Donald Trump has shown himself to be a constructive genius. By the actions of his administration, President Trump has said that America’s greatness comes from America’s people – all of America’s people, and that the more inclusion equals the greater that America would become. He has also said that peace works better than war when it comes to improving America’s economy.

I will probably not be the last person to write about Donald Trump’s time as President of the United States since his work and his examples are special amongst recent US presidents. I hope that the President continues to give good examples for others to notice and highlight.

A Note To Myself

The above was written lightly but each reader should be reminded that a government is a military institution that claims land, defends land and governs the inhabitants of its land.  Disputes which involve the borders of a government’s land or areas of its territory can lead to that government relying on its military might – war.  This would be something for me to remember and something for you to understand before engaging with the business of government and politics.

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