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How To Buy Fine Jewellery Online


Fine Jewellery: swiss watches, diamond chains, diamond rings and jewellery with a retail value of at least $2,000


Online Purchases

Yes it is very easy to make an online purchase of fine jewellery, but fine jewellery is quite expensive though, isn’t it?

By fine jewellery I mean items of jewellery that will cost at least $2,000 to buy, excluding delivery costs.

In the world today there are items of fine jewellery that you can buy only to find later that they are not real. That would be the worst case scenario though, right?

The Worst Case Scenario

So let’s take the worst case scenario into account and go through how to deal with that problem.

I promise that once you understand how to deal with the worst case, you will feel comfortable enough about placing orders online and you will know the signs.

So you saw a gold chain featuring diamonds and you thought to yourself to make the purchase, because it’s going to look good on you, right?

So you place the order and pay with your debit card. The transaction totals $3,500 and delivery of the item is tracked by courier.

Some days later you finally have the gold chain you saw online, and it looks even better in real form.

By whichever way, you come to understand that the item you have bought is fake gold and fake diamonds, things you couldn’t have known whilst looking online. So you contact the company that sold you the item and they deny it is fake and refuse to refund you. So it’s like you’ve been tricked out of $3,500.

How To Handle The Worst Case Scenario

Here’s what I would do in this situation.

I would call the bank that issued the card that I made the transaction with, to explain the situation and my interests in a refund. They would then arrange a dispute enquiry with the merchant and ask both sides to explain themselves.

Knowing that the chain is fake will not be enough in a dispute situation. It needs to be explained by an independent expert that such is the case.

So with my submission to the bank’s enquiry, I would include an expert’s input regarding the chain.

If satisfied the bank will accept a request for the transaction of the chain’s purchase to be reversed.

Worst Case Scenario Resolved

So that’s really how you handle situations like this. The customer service of banks is very good when it comes to card transactions, but check the rules with your bank in case it’s different and you need to join my bank.


It really doesn’t matter where in the world you bought that gold chain from; so long as you paid with your debit card the transaction can be addressed by your bank. Beware when you are told that you must pay in a way other than by your debit card. You must check that you can be okay again in the worst case scenario.

Have You Understood?

So you notice an advert for an item of fine jewellery; a Swiss made watch that costs $28,000, and you’re sure that the watch will look good on you. How do you proceed to place your order?

Places Where You Can Buy Fine Jewellery

Here is where I could list outlets I have noticed offering fine jewellery online. Watch this space as I would like to introduce you to places where you can buy fine jewellery of various kinds, from various locations.

Thank You

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