The Portrait Painting

Have you ever thought about having a large portrait painting of yourself or someone that you have in mind, to place within the walls of your home, your place of work or some other place?

In the past it may have been a lengthy and time-consuming procedure to have a portrait painting created, but today, with the level of technology that is available to us, you would only need a photograph of the person or subject and an art artist whose style you have a preference for, to work with.

So how does that sound to you? Pretty simple right?

It might not be impossible to pose in person or have a subject painted directly frm an artist’s personal vision, as was done in the past, but an option that you may find easier to manage is available now.

As an artform, portraiture has continued for a long time, to have originated at least as long ago as ancient Egypt, making the artform a minimum of 5,000 years old.

Before photography, a painting or a sculpture or a drawn portrait were the ways of recording a person’s appearance, but portraits have tended to record more than an individual’s appearance – portraits also indicate that the portrayed person has power, importance, virtue, beauty, wealth, taste and an education. Basically, in the past when someone’s portrait was being created, it was because they were someone special or important, so the artform has always had a context of specialness to it. The portrait artform was only available to a certain class of the world’s people.

Portraits are usually flattering to the person portrayed, and so it would be an artist’s aim to please the person being portrayed, if at all possible.

With a photograph’s ability to perfectly capture an individual’s image, there has been less need for the portrait’s purpose of recording an individual’s image for future generations to notice, however, portraits are still produced today and individuals with power and importance are often painted, so the portrait painting remains a rarity that has a special kind of uniqueness to it, especially if it is painted by an artist with skills that are excellent, exceptional or that bear a noticeable style. If the painting is very good then it may interest others to take photographs of it, it will also interest others to spend time admiring the artist’s efforts and it might even inspire others to want to create portraits of themselves or others too.

What A Birthday Present!

How do you feel about celebrations and your birthday? It seems that the world does not celebrate enough anymore. There’s a lot to complain about, but the balance of the complaint is the celebration.

Think of someone you like. Can you imagine how that person would feel about receiving a portrait painting of themself as a birthday gift? I think a portrait painting, as an idea, has the potential to make a very special and memorable birthday gift. Something so special for such a special day. Give it a try, and if you remember, then come and thank me later.

First Steps

So unless you plan to have a painting from an artist’s personal view, you will need a photograph, of yourself, someone else, or of the subject that you have in mind.

Once you have selected the image that is to be painted, then you just need the artist. That’s the trickiest part because artists these days have queues for their very special skills. But with an image and artist to paint the image you are on your way.

You may be interested in timescales, dimensions of the finished piece and you may be interested in the artist’s price for completing the work. Try to work out a good deal or maybe by working with someone who has a connection with artists, you could get a better deal.

The completed work can be delivered to you anywhere in the world, which means that you could work with an artist from anywhere, correct?

It seems to me that you are now in the know and ready to go.

Be Connected

If you have a photograph that you would like an artist to produce art from, I would like to hear from you, as I would be happy to help you to find an artist with a style that suits your preferences – I might even be able to get you a good deal.

Hope you have enjoyed this subject, do let me know in the comments section below : )

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