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So you are about to travel to Spain again, or maybe it’s your first visit, but you don’t speak or read the Spanish language. In Spain the main language is Spanish and you will find all things written in Spanish, and you will find that most people in Spain speak Spanish and barely understand other languages. So you might find that your visit abroad could be enhanced, either by learning some Spanish, like enough to get you by, or by having some support from language experts who can speak Spanish and the language that you speak too. What do you think?

So, you are a senior member of a company and your company has an interest in doing some business with another company that communicates in Japanese. Since you do not speak Japanese and since no other member of your organisation is able to speak or read the Japanese language, maybe the support of a language expert who can communicate in Japanese as well as in the language that you and your company understands, is the way to go.

Whether you are travelling personally or for business, and whether your company is doing business with a company that communicates in Japanese, Spanish, German or French, your company will be interested in its business being kept private and confidential.

Your need of a language expert could mean that your company wants to hire someone with the language expertise as a permanent team member. Working with a language expert who has all the skills that you require, as well as other useful knowledge, it may be possible to negotiate towards them acting as an employee of your organisation for some time, like the amount of time that your organisation needs them for.

With a good business relationship, a language expert that will support your needs could make themself available to support you again and again.

Planning Your Support

Whether your plans are to travel or to do business, your plans will be keys to understanding your needs. If you can communicate your plans and the level of your language abilities, then a suggestion of the support you require could be made and offered. If there is anything in particular that you definitely require support for, you could mention this within your plans.

There may be particular times or timing or deadlines to be taken into account to complete your support. These should be made clear.

Communication Within Your Support

Along with your plans you could include information about the ways in which you are able to be contacted, especially during the situation(s) where language support is to be provided. With the numerous options of communication that are available today, it should be possible to find find a route for providing the support that you need.

The Range of Support

A language specialist could assist you with many things, from proofreading and editing, to drafting documents, to providing translations, to producing language courses and providing classes to teach. There may be other regular tasks that a language specialist could do for you or for your organisation in a language of your choice.

First Steps

To help a language specialist understand how they might help you, you will need to produce a plan of your future activities mentioning dates and highlighting any particular events you will need specific support for.

If you can produce a plan long in advance of the time when you require support, you will be more likely to have access to the support that you need.

If you can produce a plan long in advance of the time when you require support, then I could assist you with finding the language specialists who can support you and provide you with excellence for all your needs.

Remember to list the language or languages that you need for support.

Are You Ready?

Get back to me with your plan. At this time I am aware of language specialists who specialise in Japanese and Spanish, so if you need these languages I could help you arrange your support fairly easily.

I would be happy to find specialists suitable for your needs and I would like to know more about the kinds of support that interest you. So is all of the above sounding good to you? Please comment below and feel free to get in touch to discuss further.

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