Monthly archives: October, 2020

How To Buy Fine Jewellery Online

diamond ring image

Photographed By Carlos Esteves Online Purchases Yes it is very easy to make an online purchase of fine jewellery, but fine jewellery is quite expensive though, isn’t it? By fine jewellery I mean items of jewellery that…

Reorganising The Model Of The Music Industry’s Business

dj image

Image produced by Yerson Retamal The Stubborn Business Model of the Music Industry I’d be happy to notice or cause a change to the business of the music industry, simply because I’d like it to be easier…

I Heard That You Are Interested In Language Support Services

Photographed By Esa Niemela For Personal Travel, Business Travel and Business Admin So you are about to travel to Spain again, or maybe it’s your first visit, but you don’t speak or read the Spanish language. In…

I Heard You’re Interested in Professional Cleaner Services

Photographed By Michal Jarmoluk The Need Of Professional Cleaner Services A large house or a large office will require some time and energy to keep clean and that time and energy must be spent again and again….

When Last Were You A Model For A Portrait Painting?

The Portrait Painting Have you ever thought about having a large portrait painting of yourself or someone that you have in mind, to place within the walls of your home, your place of work or some other…

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