In my experience as a young man I have found that the world is affected positively by good information.  There are numerous new realisations that are made and appreciated as a result of good information.  The value of good information is enough reason for a person to be paid attention to; just to be noted as a source of information that is good, useful, reliable and changing.

I’ve often viewed myself as being a source of good things, but with a sense of business now, to be a source of good information means to make my company a source of good information, and this might be why I see my company standing out.

As a person I have often enjoyed reading and completing research and I have always been interested in increasing my knowledge, so to produce good information for the world to notice is something that I imagine will be more fun than I will find the time to complete.

As well as reading the views and the findings of others, I also have a sense of my own which often helps me to see things differently and to notice new things.  It means that amongst and within the good information that I intend to offer, will be my opinions and the way that I see things.

I recently became curious about why coffee is filtered, so I searched to read about why, and then I understood.  Now I’d like to write about the subject, knowing that coffee is consumed every day by millions of people in many different countries.  It’s definitely got to be of interest to a few people right?

So if I write about why coffee is filtered and then I find a company or companies that offer filters for coffee, I’d definitely think about working with them to get their filters sold.  So if those companies offer to reward me or my company for assisting them with new sales, shouldn’t I accept the reward?

I’d like everyone to be clear about my views on the best practices for business, and this may give you an insight of what it would be like to work with me.  It is that when someone helps someone to get something good, then it’s only right or good for that person’s efforts to be rewarded.  It doesn’t always go this way, but it’s not a bad thing when it does.  And so the customer receives good information about guarding their health, the company receives a new buyer, and then my company would receive a reward of thanks to encourage that we do something similar again in the future.  Everyone involved is happy, so that’s what I call “good business”.

So as you read through things that I have written, please note my interests in being educational, encouraging positive change and in creating new business.  The information presented by my company shall be accurate and views shall be honest. You are welcomed to comment and to offer feedback of your own so that subjects raised can be discussed and so that you can offer suggestions.

I hope you find the communications of David-West-28 helpful and enriching to your knowledge, as well as to your life.


The Founder of DW28 LTD

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