The world has been changing to become more secure for the way that we do things today and the ways that we are likely to be doing things in the future. Voice Recognition Technology is now integrated as a huge part of our communications even though most of us have been unaware of it.

If you call the bank to speak they will need to verify your identity and they will ask you a number of security questions, but as you speak to make your enquiries and as you speak to answer the bank’s questions technology which is able to identify you by the mere sound of your voice is at work and the bank will also realise that it is their actual customer that they are speaking with, or in the alternative case, that it is not their customer that they are speaking with.

The technology to recognise a voice is amazing and a bank’s use of this technology is just one example of how it can be used. Other industries and business also make use of this technology, perhaps for different reasons.

I’ll get back to this writing later to add more ……..

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