Yet Another Disgrace to the Government of the UK

You hope the Metropolitan Police will do the right thing, but if you’ve experience with waiting for the right thing from the government institutions of the UK, then you really ought to know better.  The correct word is “corrupt”, funnily, you never hear about governments from the west being corrupt – it’s always Russia and Iraq and North Korea, of course of course.

To get the right thing out of the Metropolitan Police or any UK government institution, you’ll need to call them out, and expose their wrong doing, as it were a conspiracy theory of some kind.  Why is it that we expect more from the UK when they have shown so many times their inconsistency with the law?  For some reason the world is blind to how corrupt the UK is.  No man could buy or sell, except he became corrupt too?

#DavidWest28 is aware of a situation that the Metropolitan Police will trip themselves up on, but waiting and watching quietly is what you would want to do.  The police are behind many things and you would not believe how many.

Observation has shown that when you have something on the police, that instead of admitting their wrong so that all can be settled and life return to normal or the way things are meant to be, they will work on creating a wrong for you so that they can have something on you too, instead.  They will conspire with the regular people that you come into contact with, promising them gifts for the betrayal of you.  Is that not corrupt?  There is already one person who has broken laws which means that she ought to lose her high-paying job and be imprisoned – she has disgraced herself, her ethnicity, her profession, and she has disgraced the UK for whom she works as a senior civil servant.

The MD of #DavidWest28 has become aware of plans to create a #MeToo movement towards destroying the business potential of #DavidWest28.  Apparently it is to be said that the MD lost his temper and slapped a female.  The MD has for long been aware of police-intentions to rely on false complaints for justifying never-ending investigations, so that they can say that they contacted and warned every female who might become involved with #DavidWest28 (to improve their business-sense and their business incomes).  The bottom line is that the UK is corrupt and wants others to be equally as corrupt before they can be free to earn their money.

The side-effect of a #MeToo movement is the general distrust of females.  The MD has insisted on mentioning the word ‘jealousy’ as he has noticed the re-arrangement of many females that work in places where they never have an earning potential close to that of #DavidWest28, nor will they be found professional for any level of networking with #DavidWest28.  For these kinds of people, a #MeToo conspiracy is the solution for maintaining their low self esteem.

For the time being the MD remains on bail for a charge that is false and which was maliciously engineered, and for which the police have had sufficient evidence of, so that the MD should never have been charged to appear in court or to be at risk of the intended perversion of justice that was calculated.  So the very first point is, the MD should never have been charged in the first place, but, being on a charge and case that will inevitably expose the police for a conspiracy against the MD, the police prey on further charges and accusations, to make their judgment to charge the MD look good.

The Metropolitan Police of the UK continually act to cause the disgrace of others, but on this occasion, with #DavidWest28’s MD, they have tied themselves up with their own rope; the hole which they have dug for the MD is a hole that they will fall into themselves.  The MD of #DavidWest28 has expressed that the police and those in under-cover positions, have for years and years conspired with others, behind him, to prevent his growth, so that it could be said that he is bad and misfortunate and a lazy person, but finally the opportunity to begin exposing their efforts and their lies, arrives.  The MD of #DavidWest28 does not hate the police or the UK government, but insists that if they had any real work to do, that he would be no agenda of theirs.

The UK government conspires to make people that have done no bad, look bad.  So when the UK government begins saying Russia-this and Russia-that, why should the UK be believed?  And if it isn’t the Russians then it’s the Muslims, and if it isn’t the Muslims, then it’s black people — but all these things are said and done to limit the economic activities of everyone else except the original white UK national.  Truthfully, who is left?  Truthfully, who do they hate to expose?


There are a few laws that the UK has subscribed to, that are so regular that they are overlooked, but they provide solutions for every day citizens, as protection from government conspiracies.  As ordinary citizens we overlook many laws that can help us, because we know no better.  Look out for an upcoming post that will explain how a government that is intervening in your life can be caught in the act, exposed, and dealt with in court — coming soon from #DavidWest28Digiprove sealCopyright secured by Digiprove © 2018

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