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As a creative mind we are able to devise valuable solutions for marketing products and services, develop them into workable actions and prove their value through performance and measurement.



Our ability to find new ways of doing things aids our confidence to achieve a growth in sales for the clients that we choose.


With a little help from your friends many new things become achievable.  David West values creative individuals that can also work well as part of a team.


Who We Are

We are Digital & Creative

David West & Co. are available via this website and we would like to hear from the leaders of organisations that are interested in new growth as well as individuals with professional skills who are interested in networking.

For contact :

+44 7775 109 329


What Can We Do?


Our aim is to produce growths which deliver commercial interests for our clients, we work in a number of ways to achieve these.


Adopting your methods of selling, we can work with you to multiply your efforts, increasing your sales numbers.


Taking into account your methods for creating sales, we can consider new ways to add to your existing success.


The arrangement or rearrangement of your organisation's offers, presentation and communication for guarding the global perception of your brand.

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